Type R Drive Family | Octopus Autopilot Drive Systems

Type R Drive Family

  • LOW COST SOLUTION - No need to change to hydraulic steering

  • EASY TO FIT - Simple to install kits

  • DISCREET INSTALLATION - All components mounted out of sight

  • TIME SAVING - Rudder feedback option mounts directly on drive

  • SAFE - Manual override without disengaging the autopilot

  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR AUTOPILOT BRAND ELECTRONICS - simple solutions for difficult installations

The heart of this pilot drive system is the remote drive as shown is the photo.

The drive unit is connected to the boat steering by a cable and connection kit.

The remote drive system is ideal for the following three types of engine application.

1: Stern drives also known as I/O drives or Z drives

2: Outboard engines up to 150HP

3: Inboard engines requiring traditional rudder steering


One of the most complex and time-consuming aspects of autopilot installation is fitting the rudder feedback unit, ensuring that the geometry matches the full range of rudder movement.  The Octopus rudder feedback unit solves these 

problems as it mounts directly to the drive unit itself.

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