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Over the last five years the RS Drive System has been in service on hundreds of yachts, and has proven itself to be another highly reliable product from Octopus Autopilot Drives.  Based on this experience the push-pull steering cable has also... read more

A complete autopilot system consists of a number of components:

  • The Autopilot Course Computer provides the “intelligence” of the Autopilot System.  It monitors inputs from sensors, provides feedback to the user, and provides... read more

Sailboats Steering Systems
Fall into 3 main categories:

- Tiller Steering: Simplest type of steering; very few parts involved

- Hydraulic Steering: Same principal as for power boats with the... read more

Powerboats have 2 main types of steering system - hydraulic and mechanical.  Both of these systems can be either manual or power assisted.  The most popular mechanical systems are based on push-pull cables with either a rotary style helm unit or... read more