LAU Linear Drive Family | Octopus Autopilot Drive Systems

LAU Linear Drive Family

  • GREATER FLEXIBILITY- 8 configurations allows you to choose the best for each boat
  • easy to supply, easy to specify - Available in kit form
  • low power consumption - High precision technology halves battery consumption
  • quiet operation - Separate pumpset can be located for maximum noise suppression
  • half the drag - 50% less backdrive friction when steering manually

    Four drive versions for yachts up to 80ft, 20 tons

    Each with eight possible configurations or in universal kit form:

Front Mounted bp valve & reservoir options

REAR Mounted bp valve & reservoir options

Powerful Drives for Tight Spaces

The fixed design of traditional hydraulic linear drives means that there often isn’t enough room by the rudder, forcing you to settle for a less powerful alternative.  Octopus LAU drives set you free from this limitation - the multiple configurations offer professional installers the versatility to pick the correct fitting combination to get the job done in a tight space - no more settling for second best!

Twice the feel on the wheel

Any helmsperson knows that feedback from the wheel is essential to efficiently steer a sailboat.  The drawback to traditional hydraulic linear drives was the friction from backdriving the steering ram, which often killed this vital feedback.  Not anymore - the unique configuration of the

LAU drives means 50% less drag than other drives, giving the benefit of more feel on the steering wheel.

Maximum Performance

Variable flow pumps professionally set the ram speed to ensure the performance is fine tuned to suit the exact steering characteristics of the yacht.

Easy to Service

The pumpset has inbuilt shutoff valves, recommended on all professional hydraulic installations  - no more bleeding the system each time the pump is removed!

Standard hose length 6ft (2M.) Custom length available.

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