Constant Running Pumps | Octopus Autopilot Drive Systems

Constant Running Pumps

Powerful - Suitable for steering cylinders up to 200cu in (3500cc)
Economical - High performance, low power consumption, compact design
Fully Integrated Design - No complicated external pipes or fittings to break or leak

Suitable for small commercial vessels and large yachts

Power And Control - Fully Integrated

Octopus Constant Running pumps are used in larger, heavy duty hydraulic steering systems where normal reversing pumps cannot be used. The precision pump includes an inbuilt hydraulic fluid reservoir and a tandem center solenoid control valve.  Available with AC or DC motors.

Pump Selection

The pump selected must match the size of the vessels steering ram and the power supply capability of the autopilot must also be considered.  For optimum autopilot performance the pump should be able to drive the rudder hardover from lock to lock within 13-15 seconds.  The drive flow rate should be approximately four times that of the steering ram volume.

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