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Why fight with the wheel...
Make life easy!
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Octopus offers a selection of autopilot drive systems that are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and years of reliable service on a wide range of vessels. Whatever your auto steering needs, from fishing boats and sailboats to yachts of all sizes and commercial vessels, Octopus has the right drive for you.

High performance pumps with proven reliability for long life service on larger yachts and commercial vessels.

Fight the Wheel or Make life Easy! Same low power consumption in a more flexible configuration for small spaces!

Drives for sail boats that use half the power consumption and provide twice the range of equivalent drives on the market.

Our new gear pump offers industry leading reliability and performance in a smaller, lighter, quieter package.

 A patented piston pump offering pin point accuracy with half the power consumption of other pumps on the market. 

An autopilot drive for cable steered powerboats. It contain everything you need to easily install on boats with inboard, stern drive, or outboard engines.

The solution for those tight spaces on sailing yachts. Offers incredibly low power consumption and built in rudder feedback option. 

The robust professional solution for cable steered powerboats. The drive is mounted behind the dash and replaces the standard manual helm.

Complete with the tilt steering option for cable steered powerboats. Mounted behind the dash, it replaces the standard manual helm.

Unparalleled performance, reliability, and durability!

We have been designing, manufacturing and marketing Autopilot Drives for over 20 years.  We hold patents on several unique devices that enhance drive performance, and supply drives to most of the Marine Industry’s leading Autopilot manufactures for resale within their autopilot packages.

Customer Reviews

Find out what our clients from around the world are saying about our products and services.

"That Octopus autopilot saved my marriage… I tell you my wife is a much happier fisherwoman and I a much happier fisherman."

"Nothing to say. It means is was perfect

I am very pleased that we have combined the Range of TMQ Autopilot’s with the Unique Octopus drive range to offer our customers the best professional solution available... 

"Seamless integration with our existing instrument system was a major benefit"